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Advertising Questions and Answers

Why advertise on The Drag Racing List? Since 1986, The Drag Racing List has been the place racers go to see how they rank against their contemporaries around the world. When we went online in early 1996, The Drag Racing List expanded its coverage to former racers as well. 

With over 60,000 racer listings, over 10,000 links to other drag racing and automotive sites, free photo classifieds, and other great columns and features, thousands of racers and fans check in every month! Businesses of all financial sizes can benefit from exposure to the loyal readers of The Drag Racing List. Up to SIX MILLION TIMES A YEAR, a drag racer or drag racing fan reads a web page at! Will they see your advertisement here?

How do the rotating banner ads work? Our banner advertising format is set up to provide your business maximum exposure. One large banner ad in the standard industry size (468 x 60 pixels) and two smaller banner ads in the "box" size (120 x 90 pixels) will be seen on the first page view of each of our 9,000 plus web pages. Choose either banner size or a combination of the two.

We will rotate your banner ad in the same place on every one of our web pages. Our banner rotation software keeps track of which banners have been shown and which banner is next in line. When it's your turn, we will show your banner to the NEXT visitor, REGARDLESS of which page they choose! You don't have to worry about where the readers go -- wherever they go, your ad will be waiting!

What are the banner size and format requirements? Banners in either size can be static or animated, but they must be in the .GIF or .JPEG format and are limited to 20 kilobytes in size (10 kilobytes or less is recommended). We can help reduce the size of your banner ads. You can change banners at any time -- just send us a new one via email!

What if I don't have a banner? We also can create basic banner ads for you, using the information on your website or other information you provide. The price is $50 per banner.

How can I verify the number of readers claimed by readership activity is recorded by and is tracked daily.

Can I lock in a certain price? readership continues to increase. Rate increases will occur as more and more racers and fans find us. However, advertisers may lock in the current ad rates by pre-purchasing as many months as they desire. In addition, current advertisers whose campaigns expire will be able to purchase additional advertising at a price equal to the average between what they paid at the beginning of their campaign and going rate at the time their campaign expires.

What are my payment options? You can pay for your ad with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, business check, or money order.

A final word about readers. The quality of readers is impeccable. This is not a site for casual motorsports fans. The most hard-core drag racers and fans in the world read religiously. They do not scan it; they do not skim it. They read it over and over in detail to search for that elusive bit of data on who or what or where. Your advertisements will be seen continuously by this desirable group.